We rely on the generosity, enthusiasm and commitment of our fundraisers to help us grow the GBCT and support more communities and young people.

By fundraising for the GBCT you can put yourself to the test and take on new challenges, learn new skills and meet new people in your community or company. You can decide how to raise funds and we’ll provide the resources to make it easy.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we have lots of great ideas to inspire you…

The George Bairstow Cake Bake!

One of George’s skills was baking. He made complicated party showpieces, brownies with top secret ingredients and cupcakes covered in piles of fluffy cream.

Why don’t you put your culinary skills to the test and create your own Cake Bake? You can raise money by selling each cake, or by selling tickets to a GBCTea Party. If cakes aren’t to your taste, why not create some savoury snacks?

Our annual Cake Bake takes place in May, to mark George’s birthday on the 16th, but you can host a Cake Bake at any time. Whenever you choose to host a Cake Bake, we have lots of resources and top tips on our George Bairstow Cake Bake page.

Our fundraisers in action – The inaugural GBCT Cake Bake

In May 2015 GBCT supporters took to their kitchens for our inaugural GBCT Cake Bake. Our Facebook page captured many moments of baking brilliance as our bakers served up scrumptious looking cakes and treats, which led to many generous donations to GBCT. Star baker commendations went out to Katie Bairstow, Nicola Helme and Nat Johnson.

GBCT Cake Bake

On Your Marks… Get Set… Fundraise!

Whether you run, walk, cycle or swim, sporting challenges are a great way to raise money and set yourself a challenge. You can take part in all sorts of events or even organise your own.

The GBCT has participant places for several major events, but you can register your place on any open event and fundraise for us anytime you want. We’ll keep you posted with ideas on great events that you can enter via our Facebook group, Twitter feed and mailing list.

Our Fundraisers in action

In October 2015 over £1200 was raised by GBCT runners in the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Laura Gilbert (pictured below with Chair of Trustees Maria Bairstow) from Herrington & Carmichael Solicitors, who nominated GBCT as their charity of the year for 2015, and GBCT Trustee Chris Monk both completed the event.

Royal Parks 2015

Giving it up for GB

Anyone who has given something up for lent knows what a challenge it can be, so why not give something up for George?

You could give up chocolate, alcohol, your morning cuppa or anything! Why not get your friends and family involved, so you have some moral support? You can raise money for the George Bairstow Charitable Trust by donating what you didn’t spend on your forsaken vice or through sponsorship. If you choose to give something up for George, we’d love to hear how you get on – share your progress and photos with us on our Facebook group and Twitter or email us at

Our Fundraisers in action

George’s aunt, Lucy McCredie, chose to give up her birthday presents. She asked those who’d usually buy her a gift to make a donation to the GBCT instead. This was really easy for friends, who donated via our online donation page (see ‘Support’ for details).

Keeping it professional

Many businesses, both large and small, choose to support charities. Why not find out how your company could support the GBCT? Here are just a few ways they may be able to help us:

1) Charity of the Year

Putting the GBCT forward as your firm’s charity of the year may involve a staff vote or simply putting together some information for you to share around the office. We can provide all the information you need and can help you plan some great fundraisers to develop skills and encourage teamwork. Simply email to chat to one of the team.

2) Corporate Sponsorship

If one particular area of our work appeals to you, your firm may wish to sponsor one of our projects. Sign up to our mailing list to hear about our latest projects and events.

3) Volunteer Support

If you’d like to volunteer your time and skills to the GBCT, your company may offer you time off to do so. They many even encourage volunteering through grants to charities who can support skills development through volunteering. If you have professional skills you’d like to offer to the GBCT please email

Our Fundraisers in action

Law Firm Herrington and Carmichael nominated the GBCT as their charity of the year for 2015. Maria Mulroe, Partner at H&C says “Herrington and Carmichael are proud to support the George Bairstow Charitable Trust”. Throughout the year they will be fundraising in lots of creative ways. Keep up to date with their progress by visiting our news page.

H&C Logo New Colour

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