The George Bairstow Cake Bake!

George was a fantastic baker; always keen to share his latest culinary success with loved ones – which is why we’ve created the George Bairstow Cake Bake.

The George Bairstow Cake Bake is a great opportunity to come together with friends and family to enjoy tasty treats and raise money to support the GBCT. The money will support projects which equip young people with important skills for life.

If you know of a cookery project which could benefit from Trust support, please encourage them to complete a grant application.

Hosting a Cake Bake

Here are some top tips to help you plan your George Bairstow Cake Bake in bite sized pieces…

1. Pick a time and place to hold your Cake Bake.

Lots of our supporters will be planning their Cake Bakes to take place in May to mark George’s birthday on the 16th. We’re hoping for lots of good weather so events can take place outside in the sunshine! If May doesn’t suit you, why not plan a seasonal Cake Bake instead? Easter, Halloween, Christmas…there are plenty of themes to choose from!

Finding a good venue to host a cake bake is really important. You can invite people to your home, run the event at your office or find a venue in your local community. Things to consider are:

  • Do you need to ask permission?
  • Is there enough space to display your cakes?
  • Can you make hot drinks?
  • Is there somewhere to wash up?
  • Is there room for all your guests?

2. Get some helpers!

The more cakes you bake, the more money you make! Ask friends and colleagues to bake with you, so you can spread the work and spread the fun. Hopefully they can help you out on the day too!

3. Plan your event, and make it extra special!

It’s your event; you can set it up any way you want! You can add quizzes, games or special themes. You could run a pamper party, a guilt-free healthy bake or even serve afternoon tea.

When planning your bake, it’s important to work out your costs so you can plan what you’ll sell your cakes for. Always aim to raise at least three times the amount you spend on ingredients and plan your menu so you can offer something to everyone!

4. Invite your family, friends or colleagues

Need help attracting customers? You can use our poster to spread the word about your Cake Bake, but be sure to give people plenty of notice and send reminders a few days beforehand. The George Bairstow Charitable Trust is a new charity, so you might want to add some information about our work.

We can’t wait to hear about your events – keep us up to date via Facebook or Twitter.

5. Get baking!

We’re sure you have your favourite bakes to get cracking on, but if you want some inspiration then why not try some of our personal favourites? We have lots of recipe cards to download. If you have a recipe that you’d like to share with the GBCT, email it to so we can share it with everyone!

Our recipe cards:

Ian’s brilliant battenburg

Chocolate and ginger oat biscuits

Faye’s fabulous ginger nuts

Jamie’s bloomin brilliant brownies

6. Running your event

When the big day arrives you’ll be busy with all the finishing touches, so use our checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

Make sure you take lots of photos too – we’d love to you to share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

7. Paying in your money

Once every last crumb has been eaten and all your money has been counted, it’s time to pay it in! The best way to send your donations is online, using BT MyDonate. You can also send us cheques payable to ‘George Bairstow Charitable Trust’ at:

Barley Mow Road,
Englefield Green,
TW20 0NX

8. Sit back and relax!

We really appreciate all our fundraisers’ efforts in supporting the GBCT. Thank you so much for giving your time, energy and passion. It will allow us to grow the GBCT and support more communities across the UK and enable more young people to learn new skills and volunteer.

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