About the Trust

The George Bairstow Charitable Trust was set up March 2014, in memory of George Bairstow.  The Trust aims to continue George’s considerable charitable work to ensure that people and communities can benefit from his legacy.


The Trust is guided by and make grants that further George’s passions, activities and interests:

  • Provision of Emergency Aid in communities
  • Encouragement of volunteering among young people
  • Enhancement of skills among young people

The Trust’s programme will include events and activities to enable as many people as possible to become involved, whether as ‘doers’ or receivers.


In order to succeed in our mission, the Trust will provide financial grants to a number of different projects.

  • Towards the installation of AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) in village communities, strengthening the chain of survival.
  • To help train communities in basic life support skills and the appropriate use of AEDs.
  • To support initiatives that encourage or involve volunteering for the under 30s across the UK.
  • To support those under 30 to improve their skills, fulfil their potential and develop their talents.

The Trust welcomes volunteers to help deliver these projects.  If you are interested, please contact us.


  • Mrs Maria Bairstow (Chairman, 5 year appointment)
  • Mr Vivian Bairstow (5 year appointment)
  • Ms Katie Bairstow (Hon. Treasurer, 4 year appointment)
  • Mr Christopher Monk (3 year appointment)
  • Mr Matthew Leopold (Hon. Secretary, 3 year appointment)
  • Mr Ian Cressey (3 year appointment)
  • Mrs Faye Wilson-Cressey (3 year appointment)


The Trust is governed by a Trust deed which is registered at the Charity Commission.  Annual Accounts are available on their website.

The Trust’s Privacy Statement can viewed here.