GBCT’s latest newsletter is now available. Available to download as PDF and in summary below.

July 2023 GBCT Update – Furthering George’s Legacy & The Future of The GBCT

In 2023 we will mark the 10th anniversary of George’s tragic death and for over 9 of those years the GBCT has existed. Our mission has been to create a legacy, whereby the difference George made to people’s lives can continue. We are proud of what the GBCT has enabled communities to achieve and as we approach George’s anniversary the Trustees would like to share their plan for the future of the GBCT.

The Trustees have previously laid out a plan of action for the future of the GBCT once remaining reserves reached a certain level, recognising that grant giving increasingly exceeded our income. The Trustees have agreed to implement that plan to mark George’s 10th anniversary, setting in motion steps to further George’s legacy over the next decade.

In summary, we are giving substantive grants to six carefully selected projects, to be delivered by organisations the GBCT has worked with in the past. These larger grants are for multi-year projects and will ultimately exhaust the GBCT’s remaining reserves. The Trustees believe this is the best way to further George’s legacy, because of both the quality of the projects and to avoid the administration requirements of running an increasingly small charity becoming too burdensome.

In this final full newsletter we’ll cover five of the selected projects, listed below, ahead of a special news release later in the year to announce our sixth, and final project that we are very excited about! 

· Bolton Lads and Girls Group

· Criminon

· Great Western (Air Ambulance) Hearts

· Helston Railway Preservation Society

· Rise 61

· Final project, to be announced

We hope you too will feel proud of what we have achieved through your kind support and in turn, proud of what we expect will be achieved by the organisations and communities we are supporting with legacy grants.

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