Trust Newsletter – May 2022

GBCT’s latest newsletter is now available. Available to download as PDF and in summary below.

May 2022 GBCT Update – A Message from the Chair of Trustees

Reflecting on events since our last newsletter, I’m reminded of the many challenges we have all faced. I won’t recount them here, but needless to say as Trustees we are grateful for your continued support during those most trying of times.

GBCT has continued to receive grant applications over the last year and as we pass our 8th anniversary our total of grants made now stands at a tremendous £156,500.

The pandemic does seem to have affected what projects can take place, so our grant giving this last year has most commonly been orientated to provision of emergency aid, e.g. supporting organisations with purchases of key equipment. Happily, things do seem to be beginning to normalise and Trustees have been very pleased to see the return of skills based projects, such as community first aid training once again.

As we look ahead, the Trustees and I are mindful that we need to give consideration to GBCT’s future. We have, and continue to, deliver on our objective to further George’s legacy, supporting many wonderful projects, but as our grant giving continues to  exceed our income it is appropriate that we plan for the future and consider how we continue to meet this objective as our reserves decrease. The Trustees have agreed that at a certain level of remaining funds we will look to award those funds to our final projects and close the Trust. The intent is that George’s legacy would continue to be supported through the long-term projects we would support by these grants. Trustees anticipate reaching this point in 2022 or 2023, so are currently giving thoughtful consideration to what these projects may be, but in the meantime we do continue to run the Trust on a ’business as usual’ basis—welcoming new applications for consideration and gratefully receiving donations. We will of course keep you updated. In the meantime I hope you enjoy reading about the fantastic projects you continue to enable.

Maria, Chair of Trustees

New Grants

  • Cardiac Rehab – Emergency Aid
  • Great Western Air Ambulance ‘Heartstarters’ (Training) – Emergency Aid
  • Criminon – Enhancement of Skills
  • Suffolk Accident Rescue Service – Emergency Aid
  • Norfolk Accident Rescue Service – Emergency Aid
  • Exmoor Search and Rescue – Emergency Aid
  • Disabled Sailors Association – Emergency Aid & Enhancement of Skills

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