Trust Newsletter – March 2020

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GBCT’s latest newsletter is now available. Download it in PDF here or read a short summary below.

Community Heroes – A Message from the Chair of Trustees

At the time of writing our annual newsletter the world faces many unique challenges. I reflect upon the importance of volunteers and those who work for the betterment of their local communities, many of whom will likely be supporting our emergency services and / or those who need support in our communities at this difficult time, and whose number will no doubt include many of George’s friends and colleagues—we wish them all well.

Through the GBCT, George’s legacy lives on and I know there will be many organisations we have supported who will also be undertaking invaluable work at this time too. The GBCT continues to be ’open for business’ and welcomes new grant applications. The Trustees will endeavour to review any ‘priority’ applications quickly during this period.

On a happier note, looking back over the past 12 months we have many positive stories to share from the GBCT. We have continued to be busy awarding grants over the past 12 months, bringing the overall figure to over £120,000.

I hope that you enjoy reading some good news in our newsletter.

Maria Bairstow, Chair of Trustees

New Grants

  • BASICS Essex Accident Rescue Services (BEARS) – Emergency Aid
  • Criminon – Enhancement of Skills
  • London Wildlife Trust – Enhancement of Skills and Volunteering
  • Cambridge House – Enhancement of Skills
  • Sudden Productions – Enhancement of Skills & Volunteering
  • Bristol Carers Support Centre – Enhancement of Skills
  • Revitalise – Volunteering

Updates from Grant Recipients

  • Hovingham Defibrillator, opened in April 2019
  • Church Lads and Girls Brigade, training defibrillator purchased and workshops being run
  • London Air Ambulance, invited to visit their base to see the new GBCT supported training equipment and have a tour
  • Snow Camp, successful pilot of the GBCT supported mental health programme






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